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Custom Song Experience
We believe the power of music can shine a light on every important milestone in life. Gifting Pride creates custom-made songs for those occasions, so that you can give a meaningful,
unique experience to the people
in your world!

Delivered in 2 to 3 weeks

Custom Songs are totally personalized, never before experienced, brand-spanking new, completely from scratch, totally original songs that are created by a Gifting Pride songwriter JUST for you! You'll receive an mp3 of the song and any other upgrades that you purchase! Your meeting with the songwriter you've chosen will help show them the direction you’d like the song to go in. You can expect the process to take around 2-3 weeks. Click here for more details & here to see our songwriters.

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Delivered via email in 1 to 4 days

instaBops are fill-in-the-blank song templates that have already been made. When you purchase one, the songwriter will re-record the song with the customizable name(s) and/or other mad-libs that you have specified. You will receive the new mp3 of the songs with your new word requests within 4 days of purchase.

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Rainbow Flags

1. Choose an artist (or let us choose!)

2. Purchase a song commission with that artist

3. Receive a final audio file of your commissioned song

Sample Songs

"Gifting Pride will create a fun, long lasting memory for you or the person who will be receiving the song. It is a unique opportunity to hear your story told in a new, creative way! Gifting Pride was a wonderful experience and gave us a memory to cherish forever."

"Songs get straight to the heart of the matter rather than dancing around them. Working through fear and vulnerability lets me grow and get to the heart of my humanity. Be brave! This is a gift like no other. You can bring so much joy and love to people with this."

It was exciting to get the file and listen to it together for the first time... we imagine [other] clients will feel this too... especially if it's for a special occasion! This is a really special idea, and we'll be happy to tell others about it! and look forward to hearing how other couples enjoy this distinctive way to recognize their relationship! It was a wonderful experience!

"When you’ve been with someone a long time it can be hard to think of a gift for them. That’s true for my wife and me. We’ve been together almost 24 years through all the beauty and hardship of young adulthood, parenthood, and middle age. is beautiful and powerfully loving in this way that sort of defies description. Our 9 year old son heard it at the same time as my wife and said: ‘That’s literally the best present ever.’ And it was, because it is gorgeous as a song, and personal of course, but also because it’s anchoring in a way that gifts rarely are. It feels as close to a ritual as it does to a gift. My wife plays it at least once a day, and I love listening to it too."

"Take a chance! It’s not intimidating at all, and you don’t have to share any more than you want to share. GP employees will do all the work, and you’ll be pleased with the results."

"Listening together to a song about our family is an experience we'll always cherish. It was a lovely treat."

"My experience with Gifting Pride has been nothing but positive and we would highly recommend them to anyone. From the very first consultation we felt we were accepted and understood by Elliott. We now have a song that will we can show to our children one day that completely captures our relationship and wedding day and that is something that can`t be replaced. If you have a special event or momentus occasion coming up nothing will compare to having a personalised song written for it. Elliott made me feel at ease from the very first consultation, he was friendly and accepting and easy to talk to. The end result was more than we could have imagined and better than me and my fiancé had both thought it would be. "

"Absolutely do it! What a huge honor, having someone sit down and write a song just for you, all about you, a song in your honor? What a rare privilege! Anyone should be so grateful to receive such a unique experience!"