Eli Wise

Musical Theatre


Trans (ftm)


Eli Wise is a composer, performer, and educator. He plays multiple instruments, including: guitar, piano, ukulele, recorder, and some synthesizers (for more electronic sounds). He sings from a low baritone to a medium-high tenor range and has been writing songs for close to 30 years. His style is humorous, conversational, and dramatic, depending on the work at hand.

His current projects include: Collaboration with Chapter 510 (youth writing workshop) and performances with The Local Music Channel, Music City Lockdown Sessions, and the I Need Space Festival.

He is a queer, transgender man, and the parent of a wonderful young child.

As an educator, Eli teaches private students (guitar, piano, songwriting), Orff/Kodaly general music, and helps other teachers incorporate more music into their classrooms (Guitars In The Classroom). He has performed at numerous Bay Area venues, composed and performed for theatre, has self-produced three albums and is in production for the fourth. He is passionate about: Science-fiction, musical theatre, and finding humor in unexpected places.

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Guitar or Piano


Transgender Male


Indie Folk/ Rock

Guitar, Banjo, Ukulele

Songs and Testimonials

Persephone the Cat Eli Wise
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"Listening together to a song about our family is an experience we'll always cherish. It was a lovely treat."