Elliott Boot

Acoustic Folk; Pop; Singer/Songwriter


Trans ftm

Elliott is an acoustic folk, pop, singer/songwriter from Sheffield, England.

Though he has lived all over the UK from the Scottish boarder, the southern Welsh coast to the county of Yorkshire in England. 


Music has always been in the forefront of Elliott’s upbringing with growing up surrounded by his fathers’ 70s Prog Rock on Vinyl, his mother playing and dancing along to 80s disco on CD to his older brother playing 90s funk and jazz through his docked iPod! This has helped Elliott gain a wide appreciation for all forms of music over the years.

Elliott first started writing his own material whilst studying Drama and Musical Theatre at the university of Cumbria. From there Elliott’s love of writing blossomed, performing gigs in pubs, clubs, cafes and even made its way into his academic work from co-writing a musical in an original theatre module to launching an EP titled “Sketches”. All the while being told by those who heard him (before his transition), that he sounded like “a female Ed Sheeran."

After that he decided to dive deeper into the Songwriting world. He moved to Cardiff to study a Masters’ degree in Songwriting and Production at the

University of South Wales. There he learned everything to do with recording tracks as well as different writing techniques. When his degree was finished, he decided to move back home and explore the music scene in his home town, Sheffield.

As an adult Elliott performed open mics, songwriters’ nights and small festivals around Sheffield including Diversity Fest two years running, local pubs tramline events, Sheffield family music festival and more. All of this whilst working with children during the day, running musical activities for toddlers and babies. 


Unfortunately, this was when Elliott discovered he was transgender and thus started his social, legal and medical transition. As this was a difficult time his musical performances had stopped, and his writing had slowed down. He didn’t want to carry on performing until he was happy and confident in his own skin, especially his voice. Now, 18 months after starting hormone replacement therapy, Elliott can finally start again with his new name, his new appearance and his new voice. The opportunity to write with Gifting Pride came at the perfect time. He can’t wait to start writing and bringing happiness to his LGBT brothers, sisters and siblings out there.

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Guitar or Ukulele 

Transgender Male


Singer/Songwriter, Acoustic, Folk

Guitar, Ukulele

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"All our inhibitions went the moment we heard the song we loved everything about it. We were both amazed by how Elliott managed to incooperate mine and my fiances different music tastes into one song as they are both so different. Also, we noticed that he had cleverly written lyrics about us as people and had picked up on all the little things we had said in our consultation. He had really listened to everything we had said and asked for and clearly done research into the types of music we said we liked."

"Elliott had captured the perfect balance of making sure that specific parts of us and our relationship were included within the lyrics without it being too blunt and obvious. He handled our personal information in a very gentle and respectful way and the song was everything we had asked for. All our inhibitions went the moment we heard the song we loved everything about it."