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Custom Song Experience
We believe the power of music can shine a light on every important milestone in life. Gifting Pride creates custom-made songs for those occasions, so that you can give a meaningful, unique experience to the people in your world!
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1. Choose an artist

2. Purchase a song commission with that artist

3. Enjoy a one on one meeting do discuss your song

4. Receive a final audio file of your comissioned song



Gifting Pride strives to create quality musical products for the LGBTQIA+ community that draw people closer together through shared experience. Each product is filled with all of the uniqueness and personality that a personalized song has to offer. You will have the opportunity to interact with the artist one on one to mold the inspiration behind the music and lyrics, with a finished result that represents your song ideas through a thoughtful and collaborative creative experience.



The Gifting Pride Collective is a group of LGBTQIA+ musicians that write commissioned 

songs and work together to provide

one another with the support and creative

resources needed to build an inclusive song writing community. The Collective strives to provide a focused group environment in which members learn from one another, feel safe expressing ideas and can ask for and provide feedback within the process of writing songs for Gifting Pride clients. As diversity is integral to the strength of our community and Collective, equity will always be something we strive for in our conversations and in our growth as a community.