How to order a song

Step-by-step instructions on how to order your song with Gifting Pride 


  1. Go to our website, scroll down and select “Purchase a song.”

  2. Choose your package:

    • Basic Song Package

      • 30-45 minute interview with the songwriter

      • 1 edit to lyrics, if needed

      • Email support from

    • Would you like more than just the song? Choose our Deluxe Song Package instead?

      • Your wonderful song, created just for you

      • A video of the artist performing your song!

      • The lyrics to your song, written in beautiful calligraphy on high-quality paper, signed by the artist, and framed.

    • After you’ve chosen your package, the link will take you to a page to pick the artist you would like to work with to create your song. If you don’t have a preference, that’s fine. Select “Let Gifting Pride Choose Your Artist” and we’ll choose a great songwriter for you!

    • Briefly tell us about the song you would like-- is it for a wedding, a coming-out party, an anniversary, a song to memorialize a loved one, just to say I Love You to someone, etc? Are you a rocker, or do you want something slow and easy? Or just leave it up to your artist to feel inspired!

    • Your song commission comes with a main vocal including your personalized lyrics and a single rhythmic instrument such as guitar or piano. (Each artist has at least one sample song on their page for you to listen to and read client comments on for reference!) The main instrument that will be used to accompany vocals must be listed as a main instrument for the Artist you choose. Please refer to their Artist bio page here to see which instrument/s each artist plays.

  3. Go to checkout and purchase your song.

  4. After you have purchased your song, you will receive a confirmation email.

  5. Your songwriter will contact you within 48 hours of your purchase to set up an interview time. This is your time to tell them exactly what you want; they are seasoned interviewers, so they will guide you through the process to make sure you will absolutely love the song you purchased.

  6. Within a week, the songwriter will send you the first draft of lyrics. Look them over, see if you want any changes, and let them know as soon as possible so that they can get to work finishing and recording your song. You have 48 hours to respond with edits of up 3 aspects of the lyrics.

  7. You will receive a final audio file of your song within 2-3 weeks after you meet with your songwriter. If you purchase the Deluxe Package, the video and framed lyrics may arrive at a different time, but everything should be shipped within 4 weeks.