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Soft Rock; Classical; Jazz; Blues; Pop



Karen L. Robertson began writing songs in high school, playing in the rock band, Moriah, who performed music of hope and joy to young people in detention centers throughout the Southeast United States. A professional horn player, Karen has pursued her orchestral skills throughout her life, serving as Professor of [French] Horn at Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina for over 25 years; she has soloed and played in horn sections of professional orchestras throughout the nation. Karen has been supplying vocals for commercials and recording since she was 12 years old, and has played horn on many recordings coming out of Nashville. Her background in classical music has been a great source for songwriting, as Karen draws upon rich harmonies and textures in her songs.


As founder and CEO of Gifting Pride, Karen’s great joy has been to offer a safe place for LGBTQA+ songwriters to come together for support and to create great, unique music for LGBTQA+ people throughout the world.


Karen L. Robertson’s music displays many characteristics of the eras she has lived in: jazz, blues, soft rock, pop and classical. Creating unique songs for others is her passion; she has a gift for bringing out special words and musical aspects that reflect the intent of the person or occasion for whom the song is being written.

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Rock, blues, jazz


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Sweet Little Baby Boy Karen Robertson
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"Karen did a great job taking pieces of info we provided and turning them into a song that has a meaningful message. Thanks... it's really perfect for us! The lyrics were spot on to who we are as individuals and as a couple. Karen really captured our essence from the fact-finding conversation. You’re in good hands. In her interview, Karen asks effective questions in obtaining the helpful information she needs, while also giving you space to talk through your relationship and what it means together. We loved listening to the final product -- how Karen interpreted what we shared and put it to music, both in terms of the lyrics and instrumentation. We felt she delivered a romantic and distinctive piece of music."