Karen Robertson, Founder
From the Gifting Pride Songwriters Collective founder, Karen Robertson:

We are so excited to see you here, and hope that you will take the next step in joining our "band" of LGBTQIA+ songwriters. We strive to be a supportive group who take an interest in all musical endeavors, whether it be a song written for a Gifting Pride, LLC customer, or your personal activities.

Our objective is to create a platform for learning, collaboration and income generation that supports each person’s growth as a songwriter, free-lance musician, and self-empowerment.


I know that your interactions with the people in this collective will challenge you to reach more and more for the spirit within you, to search for good and expect to see it everywhere. The world needs music now more than ever!

Karen L. Robertson


CEO and Founder

Gifting Pride, LLC

​  Collective Resources

  • One on one interactive meetings with Karen to address concerns or areas for growth as a commissioned song writer. 

  • Weekly interactive modules, videos and updates from Karen and Collective members.

  • Receive your own artist page with photo, bio, social media links, website, music and videos.

  • Option to sign with Gifting Pride, an organization committed to creating unique, personal musical gifts to the LGBTQA+. Signing with Gifting Pride will allow you to monetize your craft by writing personal songs for our clients, who purchase the songs from our website.


To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.