• One song commission ($1000 value)
    • 1 edit to the lyrics, if needed 
    • Email support from us: info@gifting pride.com
  • The lyrics to your song written in beautiful caligraphy on high quality paper, signed by the artist and framed ($200 value)
  • A video link to the Artist performing the song ($500 value)
  • 30-45 minute interview with the Artist ($200 value)
  • Receive a final audio file of your finished song for your own use and listening pleasure


Your song commission comes with a main vocal including your personalized lyrics and a single rhythmic instrument such as guitar. *This instrument can vary based off of what you are looking for and what the artist you have chosen feels most comfortable playing.


*The main instrument that will be used to accompany vocals must be listed as a main instrument for the Artist you choose. Please refer to their Artist bio page here to see which instrument/s each artist plays.

Karen Robertson Song Commission

  • By purchasing this song commission you agree to the following Terms of Use.The song will be all yours to listen to you as you please. Gifting Pride Collective will claim ownership over the song. This is to ensure that the artist and the collective are getting proper royalties for the music they are making and can continue to nurture their creative lifestyles. Once you have completed your song purchase the Artist will be in touch with you directly to set up a live online interview. 

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