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Adopted from Seoul, S. Korea and raised in the West Michigan area, Shin Hoo Yong is a rising star in today’s music scene. He has dedicated his career as an Asian-American independent artist to create inclusive music for the LGBTQ+ community and has set out to become a new voice of this generation. He states that his album “Kissing Boys” is a bridge of understanding in a world of misunderstood noise. As a self-made artist and Brand Ambassador for the Grand Rapids Asian-Pacific Festival, Shin Hoo Yong has established his place in the West Michigan Community and pop music realm with his trailblazing tunes and inspiring persona. Shin Hoo Yong has found his place in the pop music realm and is sure to continue to keep creating more trailblazing tunes for years to come. 

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Songs and Testimonials

Jericho TreeShin Hoo Yong
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"Wow. This was amazing, I'm still in tears. Better than what I was expecting. At the 0:04 mark, the 3rd chord is brilliant, it was at that exact moment I knew I was in for a good song, and intense listening experience. At the 0:30 mark is when my lower lip started trembling, and by about 0:50 I was in full-blown weeping mode. Heart-wrenchingly sad, but very well produced. I'm honored and so grateful you wrote this song for me, and I know somewhere up in kitty heaven that Tiny is enjoying it too and feeling the love. It’s an incredibly moving song, perfectly performed & produced, about an emotional subject that is near & dear to my heart. The lyrics. The lyrics absolutely make the song. The line “come back and stay with me” tears me up every time."

"Even though this song is extremely personal to me, and so touching and emotional, I hope that it is put up for sale as a digital download for other fans to buy & enjoy, or at least added to the artist’s online catalog of songs that are available for streaming or listening online! A work of art this beautiful deserves to be enjoyed by everyone, not just me."


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