Gifting Pride Songwriters Collective Artist Terms

By subscribing to the Gifting Pride Songwriters Collective you are agreeing to the following terms

  1. I agree to a monthly subscription payment of 39.99/mo or 399.99/year

  2. Strive for supportive, encouraging conversation within the group.

  3. Respect other's music--protect the integrity of the group. If someone shares a melody or part of their work for feedback, it is their intellectual property and should not be shared, altered or reproduced in any way without their consent.

  4. Show a strong work ethic and willingness to collaborate and support.

  5. What happens in the group, stays in the group.

  6. Contribute consistently and stay in touch with the Collective

  7. One-on-one support from Karen Robertson is available to you:

    • During the first month support will be offered weekly, or as need arises

    • After the first month one hour of support/month

  8. You will be given the option to sign as an independent contractor with GiftingPride, LLC 2020, after you have completed the first month and have delivered your first song, free of charge, to the person for whom the song was commissioned.

  9. Membership in the Collective is a required part of writing songs for GiftingPride, LLC. Cancellation of the membership group will result in cancellation of the contract with GiftingPride, LLC.

  10. The songwriter and/or Gifting Pride have the right to terminate the agreement at any time. If the songwriter purchased the entire year's subscription, the purchase price will be pro-rated, and the remainder will be paid back to the  subscriber. If a monthly subscription was purchased, membership will end and billing stopped after the end of the terminated month.